Corporation Rules

We have defined a set of rules we expect our members to follow. They help us build the corporation that we all enjoy being in.

  1. Provide full API keys to all your accounts and keep them up-to-date at all times.
  2. Join Running with Dogs with all your PvP characters. You should not be a member of any other player-led corporation.
    • If needed, non-PvP characters can be moved to our sister corporations (out of null sec), where you can do mining, trading and industry.
    • Your non-PvP alts can also be left in NPC corps or 1-man corp led by you.
    • Corporation leadership may approve occassional deviation from this rule at their discretion.
  3. While playing the game, be on Team Speak, our voice communications solution. If you don't wish to participate in a conversation, we have designated "quiet" rooms, but we still require members to be connected.
  4. Don't smack-talk in in-game local chat.
  5. Participate in PvP, as it is our primary focus in the game. The level of such participation depends on each player, but it needs to be noticeable. There is no hard minimum at this time.
  6. Follow the skill plans we provide which will enable you to fly all our corp doctrine ships within a reasonable timeframe.
  7. Complete any required training within the required timeframe. We expect basic training to be completed within two weeks of joining and intermediate training competed within the first month.
  8. Do not behave in a discriminatory or predjudiced manner. Racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry are unwelcome.
  9. Do not engage in real life political or religious discussions or debates, apart from some friendly banter, as these will devolve into heated position taking and cause bad feeling between Corp mates - No Drama guys
  10. Keep yourself up to date with news by reading in-game bulletin boards, in-game mails and this website.
  11. Do not fly industrial ships in high-sec or low-sec with corp characters unless on a specific logistic operation sanctioned by corp leadership.
  12. Do not participate in highsec ganking unless specifically permitted to do so by the CEO.
  13. Capitals: if you wish to fly carriers and/or dreads in combat roles within the Corp/Alliance/Coalition you must be able to fit and fly recommended fits and get permission from the CEO to begin flying combat ops. Practice on the test server is highly recommended prior to stepping forward as a combat cap pilot.
  14. Do not fly jump freighters using in Corp characters without authorisation from the CEO.
  15. Do not fly Corp chars in high sec when the Alliance has a high sec war dec