About Our Corporation

Running with Dogs [GRRKA] is a PvP corporation first and foremost. We have returned to our roots in null sec and have found a great home with our new alliance Stella Nova [SNOVA] within the Vangaurd Coalition and holding sov in Insmother & Etherium Reach and fighting across neighbouring regions!!

We fly a range of doctrines including Macheriel's and Ishtar's and have access to daily PvP from solo through small/medium to large Alliance/Coalition fleets. Most of our pilots are expected to train Dread and Carrier alts as soon as they are able.

Our doctrines have and will continue to evolve to make the best use of the ships available and also emerging gameplay tactics and strategy.

As a higher SP pilots you'll get to fly with enthusiastic pilots in a friendly atmosphere and an active Corp/Alliance with a constant presence on TS and in game for most of the Eve day.  You'll get the opportunity to make ISK in our null sec home and be at the cutting edge of what's happening in null sec.  You will be joining a PvP Corp, that's what we do and that's who we're looking for to come join us.

Our  pilots get the opportunity to improve their PvP skills with solo, small gang and larger fleet work, have fun with our Black Ops fleets and get to through Caps around if thats what rocks you boat. 

As a Corp we are new to Eve/PvP pilot friendly, its important to find and develop the next generation of PvP pilots and some of our experienced players find that they enjoy teaching others how to play the game.

SRP is provided at Corp/Alliance and Coalition level to cover all current doctrines but we do expect our more experienced pilots, who know how to live of the space we have, to be as self sufficient as they can.

Of course when your 'off duty' you'll be able to fly whatever you can afford to lose, so long as you can fly it properly and well.

As a group of players, we  learned to fly in sov null-sec with many of us having the experience of the Halloween War, the Battle for HED-GP and B-R.  We are here to have fun and good PvP fights and offer help to the next generation of New Eden PvP pilots. 

Those who want to lead the way can do it either through becoming Instructors or Fleet Commanders. We provide guidance to develop such exceptional individuals into leaders.

Come and join the pack and we'll teach you to fly dangerously.